Transitional styles are popular for a reason – as a bridge between the modern and the traditional, they allow us to stand somewhere in between. Read on to see some of our favorite transitional styles for driveway gates, all of which were designed and installed by Tri State Gate.



Transitional wooden gate by Tri State Gate

This custom-designed wooden gate features clean, modern vertical lines accented by an understated classic scroll design that runs along the top. The curved cutout along the bottom adds interest and another touch of classic craftsmanship. This gate is a perfect example of simple yet elegant transitional style.



Transitional wooden gate by Tri State Gate

This eye-catching wooden gate puts a modern spin on the traditional farmhouse look. The black wrought iron strap hinges are purely decorative – the top ones are customized to follow the curve of the gate. The surrounding picket fence adds height, further accenting the scalloped top edge of the gate and its bold, smooth slope. Globe-shaped finials on top of the gate posts add a classic feel with curves.



Transitional wooden gate by Tri State Gate

For this wooden gate, a traditional trellis design is rotated slightly to create a pattern of diamonds instead of squares. The charcoal gray color contrasts with the green trees and adds to the modern aesthetic. Slightly rounded corners at the edge of each gate panel hint at a classic feel. The posts are wrapped with matching wood.



Transitional wooden gate by Tri State Gate

Straight, clean lines and a bright white color palette give this classic wooden farmhouse gate a contemporary feel. The secure keypad entry system enclosure with a custom copper roof is a decidedly modern features as well. The paneled gate, wrought iron accent hinges and stone-wrapped gate posts add a more classic vibe. With the topper taking up a small proportion of the gate, this design is a great choice if you’re looking for more privacy.



Transitional wrought iron gate by Tri State Gate

Pairs of overlapping circles create a unique and memorable design feature on this simple yet sophisticated wrought iron gate. The vertical lines contrast with the circles bordering the top and bottom, and the open space creates an airy feel. Rounded finials add additional soft, classic touches to the design.



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