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Driveway Gate Design and Installation

barrier arm commercial driveway gate with tri state gate truck behind it

Whether you are looking to build a new automated driveway gate system or automate an existing gate, Tri State Gate will guide you through the entire process. We have 25 years’ experience providing professional driveway gate design and installation throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, and Masschusetts.

We start by meeting with you on site to determine the ideal location for your gate. We then discuss with you, in detail, every element and aspect of the project, from the gate itself to the columns that support it, along with entry systems and accessories. Every option will be explained to make the process as seamless as possible.

With a portfolio of hundreds of finished projects, we can quickly help you identify a style or design that suits your taste. If you prefer to add a personal touch, we have the experience and expertise to modify a chosen design or even custom design a gate from your own original concept. We can do any style or design that you can think of – just take a look at some of our custom gate designs or explore our resource center to learn more about gate construction and design. We are equally comfortable working in tandem with your independent designer or architect.

At Tri State Gate, we do not cut corners. Whether the gate of your dreams is made of ornate wrought iron, elegant mahogany, solid cedar, or practical composite, every Tri State Gate design is fabricated from the finest materials available. Our technicians approach every project, from the elaborate and complex to the simple and utilitarian, with the same thoroughness to ensure your satisfaction. No detail is overlooked.

Like the gates themselves, the installation process can either be simple and straightforward, or complex and challenging. Some properties are fraught with natural obstacles – steep inclines and declines, gravel roads, trees and landscaping, uneven driveway angles – and our installation teams are trained to combine both skill and resourcefulness to overcome those obstacles. Most importantly, we never lose sight of both the functional requirements of the system, and the aesthetic demands of the property owner. Each team is selected according to the tasks at hand, ensuring that the specific needs of the job – from the technical to the physical, mechanics to masonry – are all met, and the project is completed correctly and efficiently.