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Driveway Gate Maintenance

A Tri State Gate technician performing driveway gate maintenance

Getting your automated driveway gate serviced regularly ensures your system gives you years of trouble-free operation. That’s why every automated driveway gate should have a maintenance plan.

At Tri State Gate, our gate maintenance services are specially tailored with your needs and requirements in mind. Even if your automated gate wasn’t designed or installed by Tri State, we can still maintain your system.

Residential and Gated Community Driveway Gate Maintenance

At Tri State Gate, you’ll get a maintenance plan that works for you. We’ll go over the options with you so you can get the services you need.

From changing the hydraulic fluid to testing the electronics, lubricating hinges, and performing a thorough checkup on the entire system – these are just some of the benefits offered in a Tri State Gate Maintenance Agreement.

Industrial and Commercial Driveway Gate Maintenance

At Tri State Gate, we’ve developed custom-tailored gate maintenance plans, encompassing residential, commercial, and industrial applications – from light security to highly monitored properties. Organizations such as the FBI, the Secret Service, the United Nations, and the Department of Homeland Security have trusted us to keep their properties secure and their gates functioning in top condition.

Driveway Gate Maintenance in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey

We install and service gates throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as well as across New England. Our trained technicians are ready to respond when needed anytime, day or night. And with a driveway gate maintenance service agreement already in place, you’ll be placed at the top of our priority list whenever there’s high call volume.

If you don’t currently have a maintenance plan in place to keep your gate working smoothly, let us design one for you today! Call us at 914-244-0018 or contact us online to put a plan in place that will keep your gate running smoothly for years to come.