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Driveway Gate Maintenance

Along with the installation of any automated gate should be a plan for its continued maintenance. Having your gate serviced regularly will ensure your automated system gives you years of trouble-free operation.

We can handle all kinds of jobs, from private to corporate gate maintenance. Our services are available all over New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

You should never wait for your gate to be damaged before getting it serviced — this only leads to more costly repairs down the road. Gate servicing should be scheduled regularly, to minimize downtime during repairs. This way, you can keep your gate working seamlessly.

Our gate maintenance services are specially tailored with your needs and requirements in mind. At Tri State Gate, we have developed custom-tailored gate maintenance plans, encompassing residential, commercial, and industrial applications, from light security to highly monitored properties. We will discuss with you the various options available and put together a plan that works for you. Changing hydraulic fluid, testing the electronics, lubricating hinges, and a thorough checkup of the entire system are just some of the benefits offered in a Tri State Gate Maintenance Agreement.

Even if your automated gate was not designed or installed by Tri State Gate, we can still maintain your system. If you don’t currently have a maintenance plan in place to keep your gate working smoothly, let us design one for you today!