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Automated Driveway Gate Equipment

Making your driveway gate operate automatically is our specialty. And integral to the design of an automated gate system is the selection of the right automation equipment to suit your specific needs, budget, and style.

To ensure that we keep in step with technology and the latest industry trends, we work hand-in-hand with leading manufacturers, including FAAC,Doorking,BFT,SEA,Linear,HySecurity and many others.

Our expertise covers everything from above-ground electromechanical gate operators, to underground hydraulics, to commerical barrier arms and slide gates. We design, install, maintain, and repair gate systems that feature in-ground magnetic sensors to trigger the gate as your vehicle approaches, as well as those designed to be triggered by remote control transmitters, keypads, or EZ-Pass-style RFID readers.

If security is a priority, Tri State Gate will help you choose the right telephone entry system. These units typically allow keypad access for frequent visitors while requiring screening through your house, cell, or any other phone of your choosing. Advanced features include timed codes, which work only during specified hours or days, an activity log to record code use, and integrated camera systems.

Tri State Gate can also equip your gate in the event of a power outage. Dedicated battery backup units can be configured to lock your gate in the open position until power is restored, or to maintain normal operation until the battery is depleted. All gates also include an emergency manual release mechanism to override the automation system.

Emergency measures can also be extended to include integration with your home alarm system. Your gate can be designed to lock open when your alarm sounds to facilitate access by first responders and emergency personnel. Tri State Gate also offers SOS systems which will open your gate for any emergency vehicle equipped with an SOS siren bar, as well as the Knox Box Rapid Entry System, which provides secure access to your fire department.

The options are numerous, and we are fluent in all of them, so let us design the perfect system for you.