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Automated Driveway Gate Equipment

tri state employee wiring gate automation system

Step into the future of convenience and security with Tri State Gate’s specialty — automated driveway gate systems. Our expertise is focused on tailoring the perfect automated experience, designed to match your individual requirements and aesthetic preferences. In collaboration with industry frontrunners like FAAC, Doorking, BFT, SEA, Linear, HySecurity, and others, we ensure that your gateway is not just an entrance, but a sophisticated intersection of style and modern technology.

We’re Driveway Gate Automation Experts

We use our decades of expertise to create personalized solutions involving various automation types, whether they involve above-ground electromechanical operators, underground hydraulics, above ground hydraulics, commercial barrier arms, or streamlined slide gates. We also commit to a lifelong partnership through continual maintenance and adept repair services, ensuring your gate operates flawlessly under our watch.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and the latest advancements, we bring you gate systems endowed with convenience-enhancing features. From in-ground magnetic sensors activating as your vehicle nears, to remote control transmitters, keypads, or state-of-the-art EZ-Pass-style RFID readers, we make your entrance seamless and secure.

At Tri State Gate, security and efficiency are paramount. That’s why we’re continuously evolving, staying ahead with technological trends, and refining our expertise. Our goal is not just to provide an automated gate but to usher in a new era of secure, stylish, and easy-to-operate entrances that stand the test of time and technology.

Telephone Entry Systems

Tri State Gate excels in integrating advanced telephone entry systems into your automated gate experience. These systems epitomize personalized security management, allowing for nuanced control over who enters your property and when. Frequent visitors enjoy the ease of keypad access, while guests can request entry through a direct call to your house, an app on your cell, or any designated phone line, ensuring you always know who’s at your gate.

What Are Telephone Entry Systems?

Telephone entry systems are sophisticated access control solutions that allow property owners to manage entry through direct voice communication, and often, video verification. Positioned at the gate or entrance, these systems enable a seamless interaction between hosts and visitors, initiating requests for access that can be approved or denied in real-time.

Closeup of a telephone entry system for a gate.

What Are the Advantages of Telephone Entry Systems?

With keypad entry systems, which remain popular today, you would have to share a code with your visitors in advance. The advantage of a telephone entry system is that it allows you to admit visitors from your phone when they pull up to your gate. The more robust systems we offer have integrated cameras, can call to an app on your phone, and can be programmed securely over the internet without needing to send a technician to site.

Gate with an entry pad

Features of Telephone Entry Systems

The most basic telephone entry systems connect to a single number and do not use apps. Additional features include app support, integrated cameras, fingerprint scanning, bluetooth integration, RFID, and barcode scanners. These options can be added to the app-based telephone entry system, allowing for unique ways to trigger your gate system. You can even use apps to give visitors a one-time use barcode they can scan at the gate to gain access.

If your gates are too far from your house to run wiring, we also offer cellular based telephone entry systems. These systems are able to provide you with all the features of the app based system, but use a cellular provider for internet access.

Some systems may also offer even more sophisticated features tailored for contemporary living such as timed codes restricting access to specified hours or days, an activity log retaining a detailed record of code usage, and integrated camera systems offering real-time visual monitoring. These elements combine to create a security experience that’s not just about keeping things out, but inviting the right ones in with confidence and peace of mind.

At Tri State Gate, we understand that every home, establishment, or individual has unique security needs. That’s why our telephone entry systems are about offering you more than a product — it’s providing a customizable, interactive, and vigilant security companion, ensuring that accessibility and safety on your premises are always under your control.

Security entry system near a gate



Security Cameras

The peace of mind that comes with being able to see the entrance to one’s home at the click of a button is unparalleled. That’s why security cameras are a common part of a driveway gate package. These cameras can be installed at the gate location to give homeowners a view of the vehicle at the gate. We typically suggest installing two cameras at the gate: one overview camera and one that provides an image of the visitor’s face.

EZ-Pass Style RFID Readers

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) systems are great for security and provide customers with a ‘no touch’ solution to entering their property. This system will read your EZ-pass tag (the same one you use to pay tolls), and if your tag is on the approved list, will trigger the gate to open. No need to roll down your window on a rainy day to enter a code or call the homeowner for access. The system will also keep a log of all tags for your security.

License Plate Recognition

A more affordable option than the EZ Pass style reader is a camera that will read the license plate of a vehicle that approaches the gate. If the license plate is on the approved list, the gate will open. The benefit of this is that this camera can also be integrated with the customer’s home security if they already have a camera system installed.

Stay Secure During Power Outages

Power disruptions shouldn’t leave your security compromised. Tri State Gate offers peace of mind with intelligent solutions designed for these unpredictable instances. Our systems can be equipped with dedicated battery backup units, a failsafe that can either preserve your gate in an open stance or continue its normal operation until the backup power supply reaches depletion.

Additionally, every automated gateway system incorporates an emergency manual release mechanism. In events that dictate a manual override, such as extended power losses or system anomalies, this feature ensures you can still drive through your gate. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about continuous, uncompromised security regardless of the circumstances, safeguarding your premises when it matters most.

Emergency Access Always

Security is as much about rapid response in emergencies as it is about prevention. Tri State Gate enhances your home’s preparedness with features that prioritize quick access for emergency scenarios. Integrating with your home alarm system, our gates are engineered to automatically lock open in response to triggered alarms, permitting first responders and emergency personnel without delay.

Furthering our commitment to your safety, we provide SOS systems specifically designed to recognize emergency vehicles. These systems respond immediately to the unique frequency of an SOS siren bar, ensuring your gates open instantaneously for ambulances, fire trucks, or police cars. Additionally, we advocate for the installation of the Knox Box Rapid Entry System — a secure emergency access solution that permits your local fire department to gain entry without delay or damage.

With Tri State Gate, emergency readiness is meticulously crafted into your security landscape, ensuring that when every second counts, your system’s reaction is instantaneous and appropriate.

Free, On-Site Consultation

Contact us or give us a call at (914) 244-0018 for more information or a free, on-site consultation. If you currently have an automated driveway gate that needs service or repair, we can help — whether we originally installed the gate or not!