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Driveway Gate Repairs

Even the most reliable automated gate systems will occasionally need repair. Contact damage from vehicles, downed tree limbs, and electrical damage brought on by lightning storms are among the unforeseen circumstances that can put your driveway gate out of commission.

Whatever the situation, Tri State Gate’s factory-trained technicians are prepared to quickly assess and repair the problem. Dispatched to your site in fully stocked company vehicles, our expert repair crews are equipped to handle most gate problems on the spot.

We know the stress that comes with an inoperable gate, so we offer emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; we are on call to get your gate up and running as quickly as possible. If the repair requires non-standard parts, we can usually have them shipped overnight directly from the manufacturer, so you experience minimal downtime.

Residential Driveway Gate Repairs

Driveway gates keep our home and vehicles secure, and any damage to them could compromise the safety of your property. Tri State Gate provides emergency gate repairs in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachussets, and Vermont – available around the clock.

We repair everything, from superficial dings and dents, to faulty electronics that affect your gate opener. We understand that driveway gates are an indispensable convenience in your home.

Private and Gated Community Entrance Repairs

Private gates, whether for your home, garden, or community, are decorative as well as functional. They add curb appeal and make your community look more attractive and welcoming.

Dings, dents, and a weather-worn appearance could mar the beauty of your gate, which can make the property look less welcoming and appealing.

Let Tri State Gate handle the whole gate repair process for you, no matter how small or big the issue. We can make your gate work – and look –good as new.

Corporate and Industrial Security Gate Repairs

Corporations, industrial settings, and high-security locations need varying amounts of security to protect their products and operations from theft and other threats. We can repair your gate at any time of the day so that you can keep your business protected and running.

Contact Tri State Gate today for emergency repairs.