From keypads and telephone entry systems to emergency features, you’ll have many options to consider when automating your entry gate.




Selecting the right equipment is a critical first step, whether your installation involves electromechanical gate operators, hydraulic operators, barrier arms or slide gates. Automatic driveway gates are typically triggered by remote control transmitters, keypads, EZ-Pass-style RFID readers or in-ground magnetic sensors. Tri State Gate works closely with the industry’s leading manufacturers including FAAC, Doorking, BFT, GTO, Linear, HySecurity and others. We’re expertly qualified to help you select the equipment that best fits your specific needs and budget.


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The most basic electric gate systems come with a remote control transmitter, which you click to open and close your driveway gate like a garage door. The next level up are the standard gate system installations, which typically include a transmitter as well as in-ground sensors. After you click to open the gate, it closes automatically after about 30 seconds. There are also usually three in-ground magnetic sensors – one for free entry, one for free exit and one for safety. These sensors detect large metal objects (like a car’s engine or axle), triggering the gate to open. While these sensors are convenient, they’re not a high-security option.


Telephone entry systems are a popular upgrade. When approaching the gate, visitors use the keypad to call the owner for access. When leaving the property, the free exit loop opens the gates automatically.


For high-security locations, RFID EZ-pass style activation is the go-to choice. This allows any vehicle with the proper EZ pass to have gates open automatically when they approach, which is very convenient and doesn’t require a transmitter. As an added security measure, the system records the date/time as well as tag number and who it’s assigned to.




For added security, consider the following features:


• Telephone entry systems allow keypad access for frequent visitors while requiring all others to be screened by calling a phone number of your choosing.

• Timed access codes for electric gates that grant access only during specified hours or days.

• Activity logs keep a record of the codes used.

• Integrated security camera systems can be installed at the entrance gate to monitor activity around-the-clock.



It’s always good to be prepared. Be sure to learn the built-in safety features of your automatic driveway gate and consider additional options that could prove indispensable during an emergency.


Battery Back-Ups. Having a dedicated battery back-up will keep your gate functioning in the event of a power outage. Tri State Gate offers a battery backup solution for most automatic gate systems. You can set your gate to lock in the open position until power is restored or to operate normally until the battery is depleted.


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Home Alarm System Integration. You can also integrate your home alarm system with your automated gate. The gate can be designed to lock in the open position when your home’s alarm sounds to allow access to first responders and emergency personnel. Tri State Gate’s SOS systems will open your gate for any emergency vehicle equipped with an SOS siren bar, and the Knox Box Rapid Entry System provides access to your fire department.


Manual Mode. If you don’t have a battery backup unit, you’ll need to manually release your gate in order to open or close it by hand. All gates typically include an emergency manual release mechanism to override the automated system. We’re happy to demonstrate the manual release procedure for your specific gate.


Surge Protection. Tri State Gate also offers integrated surge protection on all newly installed gate systems and can retrofit protection to older systems. If you live in a high-risk location, ask about our upgraded surge protection package. While there’s no guarantee when it comes to lightning protection, we can help you greatly reduce the risk.


Tri State Gate can generally repair and maintain equipment by most major manufacturers, and we keep a wide range of equipment in stock for speedy repairs. We also offer 24/7 emegency gate repair.   For priority service, consider a service agreement with us – we offer custom agreements based on your automated gate system.


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