You plant flowers in spring, bring out the patio furniture in summer, put out the pumpkins in fall, and go all out with the holiday decorations in winter. Many homeowners pay attention to how their home’s exterior looks throughout the year, but sometimes the very first impression of your property – your driveway – is left out of the details.

If you have a driveway gate, entry statues, or driveway columns, you can enhance your property’s curb appeal with these decorating ideas.


Brilliant fall foliage and the beginning of seasonal festivities is the perfect time to get creative with your driveway decorations. Add the elements of the season to make a welcoming statement: bright orange pumpkins, yellow chrysanthemums, and autumn-themed notions will look great on any style of driveway gate.

fall driveway gate decorations
autumn driveway gate look



Bare trees, lackluster landscaping, and cold weather can make even a luxury estate look a little dull. No matter which winter holidays you celebrate, there’s an accessory that will add personality to your driveway entrance and automatic gates. Try Christmas wreaths, large red bows, holiday lights, or non-holiday-specific evergreen arrangement on driveway pillars.

holiday and winter driveway gate decorations
christmas wreath driveway gate decorations



Mother Nature alone will perk up your driveway with spring blooms. Focus instead on calling your local gate maintenance company to repair any cold-weather damage that has affected your driveway gate such as chipped paint, faded wood stain, rust spots, or damaged automation equipment.

driveway gate maintenance and repair in new york




Your home’s curb appeal is in full swing in the verdant summer months. This is a great time to put up some heat-tolerant flowers or plants, either in pillar planters or simply in separate plant containers. The in-between months of May and June are good for a new driveway gate installation or you may need to add wildlife fencing, depending on where you live.

country ranch style driveway gate with plants
driveway gate pillars with planters

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