Get Your Driveway Gates and Fences Winter Ready

November 09, 2017 1 COMMENT 1 Service & Repair Care & Maintenance

We see it all the time – gates frozen in place, ruined automation equipment, rotted-out wooden boards, and rusted wrought iron. Here in the northeast, our seasonal climate changes – from hot and humid summers to harsh, freezing winters – cause costly damage to automated driveway gates and property fences every year.

Follow this winter-prep checklist to avoid costly repairs to your driveway gates and fences.

Touch-up paint

Check over your fencing and gates (especially if they are wrought iron) and touch up any areas that need paint. Snow tends to pile up and sit on a specific area for a long time, causing unprotected wood and iron to rot or rust.

Clear away leaf pileup

Remove leaves and other garden debris from the bottom of fences and gate automation equipment. Piled-up leaves essentially act as compost and will deteriorate fencing, gates and posts.

Just say no to salt

Don’t spread salt and other ice melts directly onto your fences and gates. The chemicals in these materials can eat away at the finish.

Clean snow by hand

To keep your gates swinging freely, request that your snow-plow company clean any snow from around your automated gates by hand. This will also prevent the gates from getting frozen in place by ice and snow.

Schedule seasonal maintenance

Have the hydraulic fluid changed to remove water from the operators. Water can collect in the gate motors and freeze in the cold weather, wreaking havoc on the internal seals and potentially ruining the entire operator. Also be sure that the gate hinges are properly greased to keep them swinging freely through the season.

So, while you’re sealing doors and windows, having your chimney inspected, and servicing your heating system, add a maintenance call to your driveway gate company to have your gate prepped for the winter.

Tri State Gate offers service agreements that include seasonal maintenance and priority service in case of weather-related damage and other emergencies. We can service and repair any automated entry gate, whether we originally installed it or not. Contact us or call directly – 914-244-0018

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