Whether you see your automatic gate as an extension of your home or consider it a separate utilitarian feature, you have almost infinite choices when it comes to driveway gate styles. And it’s not just about choosing wood, metal, iron or composite gate designs. Do you gravitate toward graceful curves or clean lines? Something more rustic or refined? Here are six popular driveway gate styles to help you narrow your search.





modern driveway gate by Tri State Gate


These styles are known for clean lines and contemporary design patterns. While some modern gates have curves, they more commonly feature straight lines or angular designs. Modern-style gates are often custom-fabricated with metal or wood and then coated with fresh-feeling colors and finishes.




classic driveway gate by Tri State Gate


These simple, utilitarian gates do their job and let your home and grounds make the big impression. Typically iron gates, classic streamlined styles tend to allow open views of your home. Consider a curved top edge – curves are usually arched (curving up) or scalloped (curving down). Also think about the pillars that will anchor the gate: consider what type of pillar material and light fixture style will best complement your property.






ornate driveway gate by Tri State Gate


Building on a classic style, ornate gate designs go beyond the realm of function to incorporate flourishes, embellishments and other intricate design elements. They often feature finnials, knuckles (design features on individual posts), spirals and curves along the top, bottom or middle of the gate. The pillars can be played up with custom touches like statuary or elaborate light fixtures.




sculptural driveway gate by Tri State Gate


Typically custom gates, these sculptural creations are works of art you display right at the entrance to your home. They can feature abstract patterns or objects such as leaves or birds; some gates are personalized with a family initial. These gates are an expression of your home’s aesthetic and your personal style. Iron and metal are the go-to materials for these highly customized entry gates.





farm-style driveway gate by Tri State Gate


Usually wood gates or composite gates, these pastoral styles have a rustic feel and are known to complement the natural environment. Their simple, functional structure is part of the charm, but these days you can spot many farmhouse-style driveway gates with a chic and modern spin. Use color to customize your look.





antique driveway gate by Tri State Gate


If your home takes design inspiration from another era, complete the look with a historic-feeling entrance gate. Whether it looks like a gate to a castle or a mid-century estate, custom entry gates designed with a vintage or antique feel add a unique sense of time and place. Both wood and iron lend themselves to adding a vintage touch to your driveway design.


Can’t decide on just one style, or have something different in mind? Work with Tri State Gate to create a hybrid or one-of-a-kind driveway gate design that incorporates your favorite design elements. Get some great driveway design ideas from our photo gallery, then read our article on “7 Ways to Enhance Your Driveway Gate” for tips on lighting, pillar design, driveway gate color options and more.


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