Why settle for basic gate design when you can make your driveway entrance a reflection of your personality? With custom posts, pillars, statues and colors, these style details can harmonize with your home’s architecture, natural surroundings – even your favorite hobbies.


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wood gate with stone pillars by Tri State Gate

All gates need posts, and many clients upgrade the standard look to make an aesthetic statement with materials like stone. The posts for iron gates are usually painted black (or matched to the paint color of the iron). For wooden and composite gates, the posts can be wrapped with matching material and color. Another option is to wrap stone around the post, which looks great for both wood and iron gates. When choosing stone pillars, take a look at refined styles, masonry/brick, rustic looks, stacked stone and more. If price is a concern, we can leave the post unwrapped (constructing the wood/composite columns adds to the cost).




iron gate with lighting by Tri State Gate

Decorative lighting not only enhances the style of a property gate, but also adds to security and ease of navigation at night. The options are practically endless, but matching the color of the gate’s metal details to metalwork on the light fixture is a good rule of thumb. Lights can be mounted on the top of the columns, on the front face of the columns or installed in the ground, facing up at the gate (up-lighting). If you’re working with a landscape architect, ask them for advice to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your landscape design.




gate with arches and scallops by Tri State Gate

Gentle or dramatic, an arch can instantly change the personality of your driveway gate. Experiment with the degree of curve to see how it affects the look or reflects your home’s architectural elements. And don’t forget – curves can dip, too. A scalloped (U-shaped or downward curve) gate top is another interesting option.  




gate statuary by Tri State Gate

Are you an equestrian enthusiast, cattle rancher or golf fanatic? Why not add an ornamental feature to your gate? These so-called vanity details are made of the material of your choosing and painted to your liking. Many specialty businesses also like to incorporate decorative elements related to their industry (such as a golf course or horse farm). Optionally, ornamental statues or large planters on pillars can add a special detail without intruding on the gate design itself. Statues can make a regal statement, while planters allow you to change the foliage to match the season.




gate with black stain by Tri State Gate

Classic black wrought iron or crisp, white composite gates are timeless. The natural color and grain of cedar or mahogany gates look beautiful as-is. But don’t be afraid to think beyond the standard to see what a change of color can do. Black paint on a composite driveway gate can totally transform the look of a farmhouse-inspired entrance. Green or bronze-colored iron might blend in nicely with your landscaping. Some wooden gates are minimally treated to weather naturally. The options are practically endless.




custom iron work by Tri State Gate

Make your automated driveway gate stand out with custom or themed wrought-iron work. Flowers and leaves are popular additions to liven up a basic design and can add an English feel – perhaps for a property with elaborate gardens. Add some lettering for unexpected and stand-out look. 




vestibule by Tri State Gate

A vestibule for your driveway is a passageway leading to the driveway gate. This uncommon design element makes a dramatic and formal impact. If your home is your castle, a driveway vestibule is part of the fortress. Imagine a stately stone entry with a Mediterranean or Gothic gate design – now that makes a statement.



Our photo gallery has dozens of ideas for how you can combine style elements to make your driveway gate one of a kind. You can also browse Tri State Gate’s Pinterest boards or follow us on Instagram for gate projects that feature eye-catching design elements. Tri State Gate can also work with your designer, architect or landscape specialist to build something all your own.


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