Iconic Gates from Around the World

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If you’re thinking about designing a custom driveway gate (or any type of entry gate), take some design cues from these iconic gates from around the world. They may inform your choice of material, inspire a design style or help you emulate a unique architectural flourish.


Buckingham Palace Gates – London, UK


Known for its gilded accents and detailed depiction of the royal coat of arms, the main gates to Buckingham Palace are an iconic symbol of the United Kingdom and the British monarchy. These regal and imposing gates were completed in 1911 by the Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts.





Versailles Golden Gates – Versailles, France


The ultimate in gilded gates, the Versailles Golden Gates are an exact replica of the original wrought iron and gold leaf gates that were destroyed more than 200 years ago during the French Revolution. It took two years and 100,000 gold leaves to re-create this grand entrance to Louis XVI's former palace.




Belvedere Gate – Vienna, Austria


This ornate gate with graceful swirls has been standing guard over Vienna’s Belvedere Palace since 1323. In the centuries since then, the Belvedere Gate has inspired countless other gates and works of art in various forms.





Brandenburg Gate – Berlin, Germany


Completed in 1791, this historic landmark has deep significance for Germany and all of Europe. Modeled after the gateway to the Acropolis in Greece, the Brandenburg Gate is a neoclassical monument made up of 12 Doric columns, six on each side, crowned by a sculpture of a horse-drawn chariot.





Arc de Triomf – Barcelona, Spain


One of the world’s most interesting triumphal arches, Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf was built to be the main access gate for the 1888 Barcelona World’s Fair. It’s known for its reddish brickwork and detailed friezes, which feature a series of stone sculptures and carvings.





Melrose Gate at Paramount Pictures – Los Angeles, Calornia, USA


Gracing the twin arches of Paramount’s Melrose Avenue entrance, the ironwork of the Melrose Gate is beautiful, elegant and delicately dramatic – perfectly fitting for Hollywood. Pictures of this gate and the studio’s also-famous Bronson Gate are often snapped on sightseeing tours.






The Gates of Graceland – Memphis, Tennessee, USA


Serious fans of Elvis will recognize Graceland’s “sheet music” gates, which the King had fabricated and installed less than a month after purchasing the property in 1957. The Graceland Archives have an invoice for $1,339 from Tennessee Fabricating Company for the gate; there are also invoices for the gate operators, which included three car controls.




Habsburg Gate – Budapest, Hungary


Baroque style brings grandeur to this sprawling palace gate outside of Buda Castle in Budapest. A remnant of Austrian imperial rule in Hungary, the Habsburg Gate is known for its intricate wrought ironwork and striking statues.





Floating Torii – Itsukushima Island, Japan


This towering gate, or torii, marks the entrance to the Itsukushima Shrine, symbolizing the gateway to a sacred space. The gate was built in 1875 from camphor wood, showcasing the beauty in simplicity. Torii were traditionally made from wood or stone but can now be constructed with steel, concrete, copper and other materials.




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