Your property’s swing gate can make a great first impression on guests visiting your home for the first time. Usually, your front gate will complement your property’s other architectural features by using similar materials, colors, aesthetics, or styles as your home or gardens. At Tri State Gate, we’re experts in swing gate design, automation, installation, and maintenance. We want to help you find the perfect gate for your home.

If you want your gate to be a unique standout feature of your property, there are plenty of fantastic swing gate options out there. But it’s important to start the shopping process knowing what to look for.

What are the advantages of swing gates?

Swing gates are the epitome of classic elegance. They operate as traditional doors do, pivoting on hinges as they open or close, often creating a grand visual statement. Our customers who have a keen eye for aesthetics and a penchant for classic design elements find swing gates are a natural fit in their architectural vision. They come in a plethora of designs, from ornate wrought iron to sleek, modern minimalism, catering to diverse tastes and architectural styles.

In comparison to sliding gates, swing gates are inherently safer, and have a more inviting, less commercial appearance. They can span most driveway widths, and their installation is relatively straightforward.

Another advantage worth noting is the quiet and smooth operation of swing gates. Unlike sliding gates, which may generate noise during opening and closing, especially if not well-maintained, swing gates offer nearly silent movement. Lastly, swing gates often require fewer maintenance calls compared to other gate types. With fewer mechanical parts involved in their operation, the chance of facing breakdowns due to wear and tear is reduced significantly.

What are the disadvantages of swing gates?

The main disadvantages of swing gates is the amount of space they need to open.

  • They’re not suitable for short driveways – Swing gates require an unobstructed path to swing into, so you generally can’t park a car within about 6-10 feet of the gate.
  • Gates typically must open outwardly on steep inclines – If you’re a fan of inwardly opening gates, but you live on a steep incline, you might have to forego your first choice (though there are some less common systems we offer that raise vertically while the gates open inward).

Swing Gate Design Ideas

In addition to a design guide, we’ve rounded up some swing gate inspiration and tips to help you find exactly the kind of swing gate your heart desires.

Stately Swinging Wooden Driveway Gate

The right materials can transform a gate’s identity. For example, this swing gate is created from vertical tongue and groove planks of wood that feel separate yet complementary to the horizontal pieces bound to the gate’s columns. The stained wood, combined with those white columns, presents a classic style, while the focus on vertical planks offers another subtle aesthetic appeal, as it creates an emphasis on height, making the gate feel even taller than it might actually be.

a wood swing gate sits between two white columns holding the gate in place.

White Composite Gate

Colors can play a significant role in a design’s impact. This all-white gate conveys a classic look and feel. The solid panels provide privacy for the property owners, while the gently scalloped pickets above add visual interest.

A large white composite swing gate with gently scalloped pickets above made to complement the surrounding fence.

White Wooden Picket Driveway Gate

Talk about the classic white picket fence! With this gate, form meets function. The gate is aesthetically pleasing with its crisp white color and gradual concave scallop. But it’s also practical: the narrow slats of open space between the white picket sallow owners to see through the gate so it doesn’t feel too visually heavy or confining for the home’s occupants.

A swing gate painted white comes in a classic look that evokes the white picket fence aesthetic.

Classically Styled Solid Metal Swing Gate

Pairing metal and brick materials is a timeless design choice. Brick visually warms up the coldness of the metal, creating a classic and appealing juxtaposition. Together, the two materials produce an entrance that is both stately and memorable.

A black metal swing gate sits between brick columns.

Arched Modern Wooden Security Gate

This wooden gate is painted a dark green to complement the garden grounds that lie within. The arch adds some decorative detail to the sleek, streamlined design, and the dark color and narrow pickets help showcase the property even when the gate is closed.

A modern arched wooden security gate painted dark green stands at the entrance to a garden.

Rustic Driveway Swing Gate

Always consider your property when choosing the style of gate. This rustic wood and ironwork swing gate offers a welcoming entry made even more so by the grounds that surround it. This attractive wooden gate is set between two natural stone columns and wing walls that screen the property from the road, while the soaring pines nearby provide shade and soften the look of the gate’s dramatic ironwork.

Spanish style wooden driveway gate with swinging gates

Swing Gate Operations Guide

Still have more questions about owning a swing gate? Here’s a quick guide to some important questions to consider when making your choice.

Are swing gates secure?

Tri State’s swing gates offer robust protection. Their heavy duty construction acts as a deterrent to unauthorized entry, and they can be customized with sophisticated locking mechanisms. We offer top-of-the-line security features such as integrated cameras, intercoms, and access controls that require a code, card, or remote to open, providing an additional layer of security. The physical presence of a swing gate, coupled with these advanced features, not only serves as a barrier against potential intruders, but also gives homeowners peace of mind knowing their sanctuary is safeguarded.

Are swing gates more expensive than sliding gates?

Even if made from the same material and similar in size, a swing gate will typically be less expensive. The mounting and operational pieces of sliding gates generally make them more costly.

What is the best type of swing gate opener?

Having an automatic gate opener these days is essential. There are many gate openers out there to choose from, but the ideal one for you should meet the following criteria:

  • It’s from a trusted manufacturer
  • It’s aesthetically appealing
  • It’s rated for the size and weight of your gate
  • It can reliably handle the number of daily opening and closing cycles you require
  • It’s easy to use
  • It offers the additional features you’re looking for (such as smart home integration)
  • It makes sense for your budget.

Should a gate swing in or out to a yard?

The grade and layout of your driveway plays a big part in the direction the gates should open. While a swing gate can swing either inward or outward, we typically recommend they swing inward whenever possible, as this provides a more inviting appearance for your guests. Inward-swinging gates also offer a bit more privacy for your property because they block the views of passersby trying to peek into your yard or garden.

On the other hand, if you want your gate to swing outward, you don’t want it to sit too close to the street because a backed up car could pose a safety hazard. For gates that swing outward, make sure the gate, when in the open position, is at least twenty feet from the start of your driveway. This will allow vehicles to come off the street while waiting for the gates to open so they won’t block traffic.

Are wooden or metal gates better?

Both wood and metal offer robust security and aesthetic appeal. Their differences lie mainly in your preferences. Our wooden gates have a steel interior frame for strength. They typically offer more privacy than a metal gate and have a warmer feel.

Metal gates, on the other hand, are inherently stronger and thus more likely to withstand all kinds of damage including those brought on by weather. They can also be fabricated with much more intricate designs than a wood or composite gate.

If you’re having trouble choosing, check out our driveway gate materials guide.

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