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Tri State Gate can repair your driveway or security gate on-site.
Tri State Gate repairs all types of automated driveway gate systems, even if we didn't originally install it.
Tri State Gate's automated gate systems are customized for your driveway design.
Preparing to set the sensor loop, which is used to automatically open the gate when it senses a vehicle.
Automating and painting an existing driveway security gate at a property in New York
Each gate we install is customized for your driveway.
Our professional techs installing custom posts for a new driveway gate.
Tri State Gate customizes wrought-iron driveway gates for residential and commercial clients.
This safety eyes works like a garage door. If the gates are closing and anything crosses the beam, the gates will stop closing and open all the way back up.
Installing the sensor loop, which senses a vehicle and automatically opens the gate
Tri State Gate installs and repairs driveway gate automation systems, even if we didn't originally install it.
Tri State Gate in New York installs and repairs driveway gates.
Welding the iron materials for a new gate installation. Tri State Gate can do on-site iron driveway gate repairs.
Gate post installation requires setting heavy-duty steel posts into large, concrete footings.

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