Industrial & Commercial Gates in New Jersey

Need a reliable, professional, and trusted company to install or service your New Jersey property’s security gate? Tri State Gate has more than 25 years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining high security automatic gate systems in the Garden State. We’re BBB accredited with an A+ rating and count the FBI, Secret Service, United Nations, and Department of Homeland Security among our customers. We can work with your business to design, install, or repair any type of entry gate system and automation equipment you need.

Security and Automation Options for Commercial Gates

Our industrial, commercial, and high-security customers have very specific requirements. Often, they’re securing highly sensitive and/or expensive equipment: from antique cars and private jets, to self-storage units and government buildings.

These properties typically require additional advanced security and automation features such as:

  • Telephone Entry Systems – Manage access to your property through direct voice communication. New systems can be app-based so you can control them anywhere, and they integrate with other security features such as fingerprint scanning and mobile security camera displays:
    • Security Cameras – Monitor and keep records of everyone who enters the property.
    • Entry Logs – Automatically keep track of visitors.
    • Timed Entry – Grant particular visitors access to the property only at specific times.
    • Barrier Arms – Barrier arms can be customized and reinforced for your particular security needs.
    • Quick Open/Close Time – Gates can be custom-designed to open and closely more quickly for added security.
    • Multiple Gated Areas – Add additional levels of security for different locations within a single property.
    • LED Lighting – Keep entry points well lit for monitoring and to further deter trespassing.
    • License Plate Recognition – An on-site camera can be programmed to read and permit access only to vehicles with pre-selected license plate numbers.
    • EZ-Pass Style RFID Readers – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems lets you automatically grant access for vehicles with specific EZ pass tags.
    • Dedicated Backup Power – Advanced battery backup units let you keep your property secure and even continue to permit entry and access while waiting for full power to be restored.

Learn more about our specialized automated driveway gate equipment.

Types of Commercial Gates

Each type of gate offers different features and is chosen based on specific requirements like space availability, traffic flow, and security level needed.

  1. Barrier Arm Gates: These gates feature a long arm that lifts to allow vehicle passage. They are commonly seen in parking garages and toll booths.
  2. Slide Gates: These gates slide horizontally on a track parallel to the fence or wall and are suitable for premises with limited space.
  3. Swing Gates: Similar to a standard door, swing gates pivot on hinges to open or close. They require considerable space to operate and are often used in elegant or traditional settings.
  4. Vertical Pivot Gates: These gates pivot from a fixed point at one end and lift vertically, making them ideal for areas where there isn’t enough space for a sliding or swinging gate.
  5. Vertical Lift Gates: These gates lift straight up and are often used in industrial settings or where space is limited on either side of the gate.
  6. Bollards: Automated bollards block vehicular access but still allow access for pedestrians.
  7. K-Rated Crash Gates: These are heavy-duty gates designed to withstand impact, often used in high-security areas like government buildings or military bases.

Commercial Gate Maintenance and 24/7 Emergency Service in New Jersey

Our custom service agreements will make sure that your gate receives the regular service it needs for a lifetime of optimal performance. Even if we didn’t install your gate, Tri State Gate is ready to respond around the clock when your gate needs emergency repairs or maintenance. Our technicians are available to respond 24/7 throughout New Jersey and the greater New York City and New England areas.

Free, On-Site Consultations in New Jersey

For more than 25 years, Tri State Gate has produced and serviced the best made and most secure automatic entry gate systems in New Jersey and the greater New York area. Contact us when your business needs a security entrance system designed, installed, or repaired. We offer free on-site consultations and 24/7 emergency service throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas.