Whether you’ve got a brand new driveway gate or a decades-old one, you don’t want to overlook lighting. We strongly recommend that our customers install lighting on or around their entrance gates for aesthetic and safety reasons. Not only does it brighten up your home and express your personal style, it’s an important safety and security feature – good lighting deters theft and helps prevent trips and falls.


Typically, lights can be installed on top of the gate pillars, hanging on the front face of the pillars, or on the ground (up-lighting).

Placing light fixtures on the gate posts or pillars adds another architectural element to your driveway entrance. Fixtures are available in an endless array of styles and finishes, but gate pillar placement works especially well if you’re going for a traditional or romantic feel. By contrast, up-lighting with in-ground lights or spotlights creates a dramatic effect that’s sleek and modern.

Tri State Gate can also integrate lighting directly into the actual gate pillars for a customized, seamless look.

driveway gate lighting on the posts of a white wooden gate

Gate pillars with integrated lighting


You’ll want to ensure that the size of the light fixture balances well with the pillar size and gate width. Consider the proportions. If a fixture is too small in relation to the pillars and gate, it can get lost in the rest of the design and may not provide sufficient light.

Be practical and measured in your approach. Aside from looking attractive and welcoming, driveway lights should make parking, entering and exiting easier. In addition to placing lighting on or around the entrance gate, consider adding lights to gently illuminate any changes in the driveway’s direction or any potential obstacles, such as trees or boulders.

If you opt to line the perimeter of your driveway, avoid the runway look by placing lights far enough apart (at least 10 feet away from each other is a good guideline, although each circumstance is different). Balance is key – avoid too much or too little light.

iron lamps on stone pillars for a wooden driveway gate

Consider proportion when selecting light fixtures


Invest in (or upgrade to) LED bulbs, if you haven’t already. They’re more durable, energy-efficient and longer-lasting.

Clean and polish light fixtures regularly to prevent oxidation and maximize light output. Replace light fixtures as needed for proper function and aesthetics.

To ensure proper operation, test your GFCI and AFCI breakers regularly.

iron lamps on stone pillars for a large metal driveway gate

Lighting is a matter of security and style

For tips on decorating your gate, see our blog post on decorating your driveway gate for the seasons.

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